Does your equipment encounter the following problems during use?

capacity is too low to satisfy construction requirements

inaccurate metering leads to increased costs

dust everywhere, environment protection failure

computer system is too old to satisfying production requirements

Old station reborn, maintenance and transformation remake the value-----Shantui Janeoo upgrades and transforms old station

SHANTUI JANEOO, focus on engineering machinery mixing plant industry over 61 years. We are the pursuit of mixing machinery and equipment sustainable development and progress, at the same time, we have more concerned about the old equipment, the relocation, transformation, system upgrades, digging old station value, enhance the old station production technology and environmental standards.

SHANTUI JANEOO upgrades and transforms old plant to solve the problem thoroughly : low capacity, low productivity, inaccurate metering, high costs production, environment protection failure, low version of computer operation system. To further satisfy the high-level customers on equipment performance, environmental protection requirements, improve the market competitiveness of enterprise equipment, increase its share in the market.

Perfect spare parts supply system, huge spare parts warehouse

SHANTUI JANEOO has a perfect spare parts supply system, huge spare parts warehouse, skilled spare parts sales technician. We provide "quality access" spare parts, "Nanny Service" business philosophy, to satisfy client's requirement as our purpose, to provide high level products and service as our responsibility. We will open a 24-hour service hotline, strengthen the technical guidance of equipment, regular return visit for users to solve equipment problems to ensure the completion of the project. Users are welcome to JANEOO company to purchase pure spare parts and we will, as always, with you to maintain close cooperation.