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SjHZS240-3D Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway project application

The Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Dedicated Line, also known as the Beijing-Shenyang High-speed Railway, is an important part of the Beijing-Harbin High-speed Railway, the main framework of the national "four vertical and four horizontal" passenger dedicated lines, and a major project in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the railway. Shantui Janeoo's 2 SjHZS240-3D concrete mixing plants were selected by the customer and applied to the project construction to help the construction of the national Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway.

The HZS240TC concrete mixing plant is specially built for customers. Because of its complex structure, complicated and scattered parts, it is difficult to erect, install and debug on site. In order to ensure product quality and delivery schedule, Shantui Janeoo's after-sales service team formulated a detailed "combat" plan and carried out construction in strict accordance with construction requirements, which shortened the construction period by 50% compared with the previous period of similar equipment installation, and produced concrete ahead of schedule, refreshing this category Equipment installation and debugging records.

At present, the equipment has been in normal operation for more than a year, without any after-sale quality problems, and is in good condition. It provides reliable raw material support for the construction of the Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Special Train.

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