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Case Concrete Batching Equipment
Concrete Batching Equipment
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HZS100-5Y self-erecting mobile concrete mixing plant is used in the construction of residential projects in Thailand

For a long time, Thailand's concrete mixing equipment market has its own usage habits, and the supply of concrete has shown a localized market monopoly pattern, and it is difficult for domestic brands to enter. After in-depth study of the local market demand, Shantui Janeoo took the lead, and joined hands with Shantui's Thailand agent public relations major customers, combined with European design concepts to apply hydraulic bootstrap to practice, and successfully introduced the product to the Thai market.

The HZS100-5Y mobile concrete mixing plant is an innovation and development based on the traditional mixing plant. It is the first domestic mobile mixing plant with hydraulic bootstrap function independently developed by Shantui Janeoo. It changes the dependence on cranes for the erection and transfer of traditional mixing plants. It has the characteristics of being movable, self-installing, and convenient for transfer. It is the first domestic and global leading mobile concrete mixing plant, and has achieved "technological innovation" and is "All the way" to help.

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