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SjHZS75-3F foundation free type concrete batching plant was applied in city construction project of Colombo, Sri Lanka

In 2016, one SJHZS75-3F foundation free concrete batching plant of Shantui Janeoo was successfully applied to overseas Colombo Port City project in Sri Lanka to provide customers with stable concrete.

The cable, waterway and air path of the equipment adopt the form of quick plug and joint, the equipment is installed quickly, there is no need to make other foundation, as long as the hardness and flatness of the ground meet the requirements of the equipment, the foundation free production can be carried out.It is suitable for the construction engineering, water and electricity, road, port, bridge and other engineering construction and the concrete construction in the early stage of large engineering.

Sri Lanka Colombo Port City Project is located in the coastal waters south of Colombo South Port, the capital of Sri Lanka, and is connected to the existing central business district of Colombo. The planned area extends to the breakwater of Colombo South Port in the north, Galle FaceGreen in the south, and the existing coastline in the east.The port City project is not only an opportunity for win-win cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the Sri Lankan government, but also cements the friendly relations between the two countries.

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